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Yosemite Community To Meet About Suspicious Fires

Some suspicious fires have nerves on edge in one Madera County community.
Some suspicious fires have nerves on edge in one Madera County community.

The fires in Yosemite Lakes Park are under investigation.
The latest happened just last night, and now nervous residents are giving us a first hand look at the destruction and what they expect from fire officials.

CBS47’s  Lemor Abrams is live with more from worried homeowners.

As flames threatened homes on Reevas Lane Monday night, homeowners across Yosemite lakes scrambled to figure out how to protect their community.

“Fires have gotten close to here feel like can't go anywhere without thinking there's going to he a fire popping up,” said Harley Giles who works at the local restaurant.

The community center is where locals work, dine, and socialize.

But Thursday- they'll be meeting with cal fire to talk about the fire threat.
More specifically , what or who is behind a string of fires ... in a matter of days.

“It happens during the day and night so maybe even talk about putting together some neighborhood groups that stays up in a particular area and keeps an eye out,” said Michael Karbey who plans to attend the meeting.

Joy Roy left the house for a half hour Sunday. She returned to find her backyard on fire . Flames climbed up the hill toward her home.

“I saw a plane come over and helicopter. That thing came low and dropped out fire out immediately,” said Roy.

Cal fire has reported to at least 13 fires in a matter of days.
Sometimes 3 at the same time.
Investigators haven't pinpointed a cause, and say they hope to quote quell some of the rumors at the Thursday's town hall.

Meantime homeowners are clearing defensible space, and keeping their eyes open.

Fire meeting
The town hall is open to the public.
It’ll take place Thursday at Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse at 6:30pm.

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