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Weekend water safety

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office and Fresno County Fire were out training on the Kings River. They want to remind people to be safe while in the water.

As triple digit weather strikes again this weekend, many will use water acticivits to cool off, but it's always important to be safe.

Fresno County Fire and the Fresno County Sheriff's Department have teamed up to practice water safety and rescue to keep those on and in the water safe.  They've been training on the Kings River since early this morning.  The Sheriff's Office says they perform around 25 rescues from the Kings River every  week.
Joe is 12-years-old. He's from out of town and excited the family reunion is centered around water activities.

"I hear it gets like 108, but the water is at that temperature where even though it's cool, it's still nice," said little Joe.

But the family isn't just about having fun. They enforce water safety as well.

"If they're little, they're gonna be wearing a life jacket like my neice is and an adult is always around," said Joe's father, Vince Meredith. 

Just a little over two weeks ago, during the Fourth of July, 2 drownings occured at Lake Yosemite in Merced County. It's a tragic reminder anything can happen while in the water.
The County Sheriff's Office said the main thing is to respect the water.

"It's cold, it's moving fast, always wear a floatation device.  If it says not to swim there, you probably shouldn't swim there," said Lieutenant Greg Gularte with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

They also highly recommend limiting alcohol consumption.

"People don't realize the alcohol is affecting them and they get the liquid
courage and try to do things they normally wouldn't do and on water it's usually a bad combination," said Deputy Sheriff, Scott Weishaar. 

They want you to remember, water is inviting but can sometimes be deceiving.  Like with rivers, there's an under-current that can sometimes cause trouble for an inexperienced swimmer.
The family said they always know where all of the children are at all times and plan to leave safely to be able to visit as a group again soon.

"We did this last year and it was really fun, so I think we're gonna do it once every year," he agreed making it a tradition would be nice.  

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