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Violent Criminal Arrested

A repeat criminal was brought down in Fresno and was found with tools used for auto-theft and a gun
A prolific criminal was brought down Friday.

Fresno police caught up with Pasquale Desantis near Belmont and Maple.

They found a gun along, with plenty of tools that officers say he used to steal several cars each night.

Officers checked his white Chevrolet Tahoe top to bottom and under the hood deep in a corner they found a gun inside a Crown Royal Bag.

CCATT the team that busts auto thieves says it caught a big time criminal in 38 year old Pasquale Desantis.

"He does property crimes, he's a thief for auto theft for burglary, we also know he's obviously a violent criminal, has a violent history and the gun shows that he's capable of doing a lot of things," says Tim Tietjen a CCATT supervisor.

Just this week he was a Crimestoppers most wanted criminal, the Madera County Sheriff's department wanted him for spousal abuse and possession of stolen property.

"He had held a girl hostage, against her will, I guess he even put a gun to her mouth and threatened to kill her. This is a pattern with him, he's a very violent individual," says Tim Tietjen.

Last year Clovis Police arrested him he allegedly had thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment.

Fresno Police hope after finding a weapon and tools used for breaking into cars and homes he'll stay in jail for a while.

"We're going to see a substantial decrease in auto theft. We believe he's been involved in as many as two or three a night, if not more," says Tim Tietjen.
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