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Victory for Fresno raisin farmers

The United States Supreme Court ruled a pair of Fresno raisin farmers should have their case heard by the 9th Circuit Court, where it was previously denied.
A major victory for a pair of raisin farmers from Fresno. 

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Monday their case should be heard by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where it was previously denied. 

Marvin and Laura Horne are fighting a 1937 law that allows the government to take a portion of their annual crop off the market, to prop up raisin prices.

The Horne's say in years past, it was up to 47% of their crop that they were not allowed to sell, which they say is unconstitutional.

If the Horne's win, it could change government-sponsored programs for many different crops.

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