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Valley Residents React to Zimmerman Verdict

After months of coverage, people across the valley reacted to today's verdict.
As the verdict came down George Zimmerman and the world reacted. And regardless of their opinion, valley residents gave their two cents on the verdict that seemed to echo around the world. And for legal analyst Carl Faller, it was a verdict he will continue to study but one he expects will have a limited legal impact on California.

“Each state has its own laws regarding homicide and self defense but I would be surprised if a case this unique would end up with a lot of spillover," said Faller.

For Tate Hill, President of the Fresno Black Chamber of Commerce, it was a verdict that he believes shines a light on the larger issue of self defense laws. Especially
Florida’s controversial 'stand your ground' law.

“The fact that you have laws that make it ok to kill young students, African Americans, I think that is the biggest tragedy, that this is allowed by law,” said Hill.
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