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Two suspects arrested for Le Grand homicide

28-year-old Manuel Cuevas died after apparently getting into a fight on Father's Day.

Two suspects are behind bars Monday night, suspected of killing a 28-year-old Le Grand man.  Merced County Sheriff's deputies believe Steven Oseguera and Ricardo Leyva got into a fight with the victim, Manuel Cuevas.  Cuevas died hours later.

The mother of 28-year-old Cuevas grieved in her front yard Monday afternoon.  The Merced County Sheriff's Department says he died from blunt force trauma last week.  His parents found him in his bedroom, after apparently getting into a fight the night of Father's Day.

"[Cuevas] collapsed sometime during the evening.  When family members attempted to wake him, he was unresponsive and found him to be in some state of rigor mortis," said Sheriff Mark Pazin.

The suspects, Oseguera and Leyva, were arrested Friday.  Leyva's bail is set at $1 million.  Oseguera is not eligible for bail because he was already on felony probation.  Deputies aren't sure what prompted the fight.  Cuevas' friends say he was a friend to many and recently graduated from Fresno State.

"Everybody's taking it real tough," said Chuey Bautista, the victim's friend.

Bautista says he'll be one of 24 pall bearers at Cuevas' funeral.  He and others have been raising money to pay for the burial.  His friends say he had anemia, and wonder if it contributed to his death.

"He got along with everybody, didn't have any problems.  Just a sad story," said Rick Garcia, a friend.

Cuevas' 29th birthday would have been Friday.  His friends say they'll celebrate his life, even though he's gone.

Deputies do not believe this incident is gang related.

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