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Two Arrested, Accused of Kidnapping, Torture and Murder

Police say two alleged gang members kidnapped a woman and murdered a man.
After hours of digging, police wheeled away a decaying body pulled from a shallow grave; marking the end of a week long ordeal full of kidnapping, torture and ultimately a murder.

"She has been beaten, she has been stabbed, she has been tied up, burned with a chemical, held against her will for the past week,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Investigators say this twisted crime web began August 14th when a 35-year old woman came to the door of this home on McKenzie. Police say she was just looking for her stolen bike but was soon pulled inside and beaten by 23-year old Margaret Alaniz but the beating quickly turned to torture.

"That torture consisted of cutting the victims arms and body in multiple locations as well as pouring what is described as a caustic chemical on various parts of her body," said Dyer.

Detectives say the woman was tortured multiple times by both Alaniz and 41-year old Anthony Nunez. Police also believe she was sexually assaulted by another man during her week long ordeal and not long after investigators say her captors claimed another victim.

"There was a physical disturbance between the three and this unidentified male was repeatedly beaten and stabbed ultimately leading to his death," said Dyer.

Investigators discovered the man's body Thursday afternoon after serving a search warrant around one in the morning. They were lead to the home after the 35-year old kidnapping victim managed to escape on Wednesday and contacted police, both Alaniz and Nunez have been arrested and face charges of murder, mayhem, kidnapping and false imprisonment.


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