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Train crash kills four

According to CHP, four young adults are dead after trying to beat a train.

A relative of one of the victim's hammers in a cross at the intersection of Jefferson and Golden State Boulevard where the crash happened.
Personal items like clothing, jewelry and nail polish scatter the ground; a much different scene from the one earlier Monday morning just after the accident.

"We were friends from the getgo, we grew up, a little bit later, we got even closer. That guy was like my brother," said Kaleb Ross.

Ross got emotional as he explained the loss of his best friend, 21-year-old David Alonzo Junior.  Alonzo Jr. was just one of four people killed in the accident.
The five people in the white, Chevy Lumina (three women and two men) were all under the age of 22 and mostly from the Fresno Area.
The only surviving victim, 20-year-old, Alexandra Sanchez from Fresno is in serious condition at CRMC.
Those who work nearby know first hand how dangerous the tracks can be.

"I been here for 6 years you know working in this company and I know there's no cross arms.  So, that's definitely one of the things that you got to be you know, more careful," said Gerardo Martinez.

Martinez works at a welding company a few yards in front of where the accident took place.  He has learned to use extra caution.
According to a report from the Railroad Administration, California leads the nation in railroad fatalities.  More than 100 people were killed in the state last year alone.
CHP said most of the time, these accidents can be prevented.

"If you're coming to an intersection with a train, you wanna look both ways...or any intersection for that matter, always looking both ways even if you have the right of way is a good idea," said CHP Officer, Sergeant Joseph Biancha.

CHP continues the investigation. They don't believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.

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