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Swimming Pool Drownings

Tragedy strikes a family in Visalia as a 50-year old woman and her 3-year old grandson drown.
Tragedy strikes a family in Visalia as a 50-year old woman and her three-year old grandson drown.

It happened in a swimming pool at a home off south Jacques Street.  The neighborhood is located near Walnut Avenue and Shirk Road.

Police say the grandmother was at her home with her grandson.  They decided to go for a swim and then something went terribly wrong.

Family members arrived at the house around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday after being gone for about 2 hours.  They discovered the woman and boy in the pool unresponsive and called 911.  
Paramedics tried CPR and then rushed the two to the hospital where they later died from what is being ruled an accidental drowning.

“We did have several officers out here investigating, which includes a visual inspection of the pool, obtaining evidence and photographs and taking witness statements.  At this point we don’t see anything that lends us to believe that there’s some sort of a malfunction, but we’re still looking into any possibility,” said Lt. Brian Winter, Visalia Police Dept.

Police say the two were wearing swim suits, so it appears they willingly went into the pool.  The 50-year old woman was reportedly a good swimmer and the 3-year old boy was just learning how to swim.

The Tulare Co. Coroner is now taking over the case to try and provide the family answers as to what lead to these deaths.

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