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Suspects in Shooting Arrested

Three men are now under investigation for a shooting in Fresno earlier this month. They were arrested in Southwest Fresno Wednesday night.
Four gang members are arrested and guns and drugs are taken off the street.

Fresno police made the arrests at Cedar and Church and at McKenzie and Calaveras.

These three men are now under investigation for a shooting in Fresno earlier this month.

“These folks are involved and we do have the firearm recovered as well as the vehicle that was involved in that shooting,” said Sgt. Paul Cervantes with the gang unit of the Fresno Police Department.

Inside the sedan, police found a gun, two ounces of crystal meth and a scale.

It was a good discovery for police who'd originally been called to the neighborhood because someone spotted the men spraying graffiti in an alley, marking their gang territory.

The car was towed and the three gang members taken to jail.

They'll join another validated gang member who was arrested just a short time earlier.

21-year-old Andrew Renteria was trying to avoid officers.

“What was suspicious about this individual was that he was trying to hide from officers, trying to hide behind trees and things of that sort which raised a little bit of concern for officers,” Cervantes said.

Police found loaded and cocked 44 caliber revolver on him.

And two speed loaders for the gun. 

“The purpose of the speed loaders is to gain a tactical advantage. If they are firing the weapon they can load an additional five rounds in a matter of seconds, if you will,” Cervantes said.

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