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Suspect in Child's Disappearance in Deadly Crash

There was a deadly crash in South Fresno and the man accused is the same man arrested in the disappearance of a 10-year-old boy in June.

A deadly crash in south Fresno at Marks and North.

An innocent driver dead.

The man accused of hitting and killing him is the same man arrested in the  disappearance of a ten year old boy in June.

36 year old Walter McDaniel had mistakenly been released from jail.

This is what's left after police say Walter McDaniel tried to outrun the  police helicopter.

Fresno's police chief says McDaniel was spotted earlier in the afternoon in a  stolen car in North Fresno.

"Eventually they did see Walter McDaniel along with a female and a young boy  which we now know to be 13 years of age," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry  Dyer.

That's significant because McDaniel was arrested last month in the  disappearance of a ten year old boy in Fresno. He was charged with concealing a  child. And was supposed to be in jail.

But as CBS47 showed you last week, McDaniel was released from custody when  Madera County failed to pick him up from the Fresno County jail on a  100-thousand-dollar warrant.

Officers from Fresno's auto theft team were following McDaniel Wednesday  afternoon in unmarked cars.

Chief Dyer says the officers lost McDaniel and the police helicopter picked  it up from there.

"At some point McDaniel became aware of the helicopter overhead and began to  flee at a high rate of speed from the helicopter while our CCAT officers in  plain cars followed from a considerable distance," Dyer said.

Dyer says McDaniel ran the stop sign at Marks and North Avenues and hit a  driver in the intersection - a man in his 50s heading home from work.

McDaniel's car crashed also - taking down power lines in the area.

He and a woman and the 13 year old boy were inside the car.

"The three of them were taken to the hospital with some very very minor  injuries," Dyer said.

Walter McDaniel now faces charges of gross vehicular manslaughter, auto  theft, and driving under the influence. Police say he was high on  methamphetamine.

And he also has the 100 thousand dollar warrant out of Madera County for  driving under the influence in a stolen car.

The ten year old boy who was with McDaniel last month was found and turned  over to child protective services.

Police won't reveal at this point what the connection is between McDaniel and  the 13 year old boy and woman in the car with him.

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