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Suspect Captured After Police Chase

A man Fresno Police say is a prolific auto thief is behind bars.
A man who police say is a prolific auto thief is off the streets of Fresno.  Michael Duffy was taken into custody near the campus of Tarpey Elementary.  Fresno Police set up a surveillance operation to nab him.  Recently, in Firebaugh, he kicked his way out of a police car.  Sgt. Tim Tietjen says Duffy is a prolific auto thief and burglary in the city of Fresno.  He also says Duffy's been involved in identity theft and violent crimes.  The suspect started running when he spotted a police helicopter that was tracking him.  He ran on to the campus of Tarpey Elementary while classes were in session before being captured by officers.  Investigators searched Duffy's Car.  They found methamphetamine and items they say were purchased with false identities.  A woman who was with Duffy was also taken into custody.
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