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Surge In Gang Violence in Fresno Spurs Crackdown

Gang units are out in full force in Fresno, following a surge in a gang related shootings.
Gang units are out in full force in Fresno.

Following a surge in a gang related shootings.  

In the last two weeks - there have been at least six shootings.

CBS 47’s Lemor Abrams is live with more on the gang crackdown.

Crime Scene Tape lined Hawes and Fruit Avenues just before 2 o'clock Friday...outside a school.

“There were atleast ten gunshots being fired at the location.”

Two men were shot.

Both suspected gang members.

“There appears to be 3 types of firearms that were shot at this location.”

The gang task force deployed to a house down the street.

And found two of the guns linked to the shooting.

Including this loaded .45 caliber...inside the getaway car.

The suspected shooter also arrested.

But he's not the only one they're after.

“In last several weeks we've had multiple shootings gangs from 3 factions,” said Sgt. Paul Cervantes.

Police say the latest shooting is connected to a surge in violence in southwest fresno.

Police have taken a few guns off the street. but the problem is...criminals are going back on the street.

Wednesday-police arrested four suspected gang members after shots were fired in this gang infested neighborhood.

They're already out of jail. 

“They get incarcerated for a short period of time and it's a revolving door effect-they're back out on the street,” he said.

As Crime Scene Investigators collected evidence, the gang unit walked to a relative's house up the street said to be the registered owner of the getaway car.

The gang unit will patrol known gang neighborhoods until the violence calms down. 

“These folks are armed and they're out there; They're dangerous,” said Cervantes.


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