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Supporters of Prop 8 Speak Out

Church leaders and supporters of Prop 8 voiced their opinions Wednesday in Fresno.
It’s a decision church leaders will not soon forget but one they say doesn’t mean the end of Proposition Eight.  

Attorney and Baptist leader Phil Kell says the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court opens the door to appeals in California State Court.
"The court as I read, specifically did not rule on the merits of the case, they simply said we have the wrong people in the courtroom," said Kell.

At issue was the fact state officials largely declined to defend prop eight, leading the United States Supreme Court to dismiss the case.

"So literally what that means is if the Governor of California does not defend the constitution, if he decides to not to defend a law, he can overturn or negate the will of the people," said Fresno Pastor Jim Franklin.

And according to
Franklin that's simply not fair for the thousands who voted for proposition eight.

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