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Special bond between mother and daughter

A young Hanford woman will be getting a new kidney this week and the eager donor is her own mom.
(Angela Greenwood Reporting)

A brave young woman will receive a kidney transplant this week and the donor is her own mom.

We talked with the mother and daughter prior to them leaving for San Francisco where the surgery will happen.

Mother, Cassandra Thornton, will be going under the knife for the first time in her life. There's no nerves, no worry of post surgery pain, just relief and pure happiness for the 43-year-old mother. "I am so glad that I am the one that's donating the kidney," said Cassandra.

On Thursday, Cassandra will be at UC San Francisco to have her left kidney removed and given to her daughter, Tabitha. 

The Hanford mother and daughter were a perfect match. "We've been through everything together, thick and thin and I'm going to do anything and everything to make sure she's okay," said Cassandra.

It's hard to tell that Tabitha is sick because her bright personality outshines her illness. 

Tabitha was born with a mild case of spino bifida. She has been on dialysis for two years and both kidneys are failing.

This will be Tabitha's 27th surgery and she says it can't happen soon enough. "I can finally star thinking about school again and getting a job, growing up, moving out possibly..." said Tabitha.

The transplant will be a priceless gift in so many ways. "This is God telling me that my mom is always going to be with me no matter what," said Tabitha.

both mother and daughter had their final check up at Children's Hospital of Central California before heading into a life changing operation, that Tabitha will forever be grateful for. "I am very thankful and that I love you with all my heart and all my kidney," said Tabitha.

The Thornton's will need to stay at a hotel in San Francisco for three weeks after the surgery, but they are in need of donations to help with that expense. An account has been set up for Tabitha at EECU under both Tabitha and Cassandra's name. Those who wish to help can make a donation at any branch.

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