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Shooting suspect still on the loose

After a Fresno police officer wounded a shooting suspect Sunday, the department put out a picture of a second suspect officers believe to be armed and dangerous.

Fresno police are asking for the public's help to find a potentially armed and dangerous suspect.  21-year-old Aaron Jones is wanted by police for apparently shooting another gang member in the head.  Sunday night an officer shot and wounded 23-year-old Keith Breazell, who was also wanted for that recent gang shooting.


Plastic broken off the cars and gloves from rescue workers litter the median on Cedar and Alamos Avenues.  An officer-involved shooting on Sunday wounded Breazell and the passenger in his car.  Another driver was hurt when Breazell crashed into them.


“The street right here was shut down.  The back was caution-taped over here,” said Fresno State student Deshon Allen.


Allen says he had a hard time getting home, having to go around the blocked off area.  He lives by the scene, about a quarter of a mile away from campus.


“It's kind of worrisome sometimes because we hear sirens all the time where we live.  At least we know the cops are out here doing their job so that's comforting,” said Allen.


Police believe Breazell, along with outstanding suspect, 21-year-old Aaron Jones, shot rival gang member Desmond George on April 18th.  George had head injuries and is listed in fair condition at CRMC.   

Police say three guns used in that shooting are still outstanding and that Jones may them.


Those who live near Sunday's incident wish crime would stay away.

"I don't like anybody that totes a gun.  No, no I don't like that in the neighborhood," said Helen Kornoff.


The shot fired by the officer passed through Breazell's hand and hit the passenger with him.  That person is still in the hospital but is expected to survive.

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP.

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