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Scareanormal Horror Convention Comes to Fresno

The Scareanormal horror convention is a three day event featuring vendors, screenings and characters from well-known horror films
All things horror can be found at a three day convention that kicked off Friday.

Scareanormal features many celebrities from horror films, as well as vendors, and film screenings.

"It's a good time. It's a family friendly event as you can see. We get a lot of people that are really serious and as I like to say have a great taste in movies and are highly intelligent or they wouldn't be here," says Andrew Bryniarski known as "leatherface" from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Our own Jenny Toste was there with a sign she made based off of her favorite horror film, Friday the 13th.

The convention runs through Sunday at the Picadilly Inn near the airport. Saturday admission is 25 dollars and Sunday admission is 20 dollars.
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