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Safety Concerns at Fresno State

New Parents met with the new Fresno State President to address safety concerns.
As Fresno State students kick off an exciting new school year, safety remains a concern for some.

“You know… a lot of muggins carjackings,” said one student. 

While many enjoy the fresno state atmosphere...some students comes to school to learn, not hang out.

“I dont try to stick around because of the safety issues,” she said. 

New parents encourage the buddy system.

“We're from the area so we know what's going on,” said Carmen Gomes.

The Gomes brought their questions to a welcome meeting with new president Joseph Castro.

“We appreciated the fact that they were very open and direct about issues like alcohol abuse,” said Andy Gomes.

The meeting touched on the tragic death of Fresno State student Phillip Dhanens last year.

Dhanens died after a night of binge drinking at a fraternity party.

This year, Fresno State pushed back rush week a month.

“That'll be my job as president to make this a safe as possible environment for them to learn,” said Castro. 

Others are troubled by off-campus shootings.

On April 28th off Cedar and Santa Ana an undercover officer fired at two men...officers say were connected to an earlier shooting. 

Two days later. lying in the street in front of the Cedar Shaw apartments...officers found a man in his 20s, shot dead.

Campus police coordinates with Fresno and Clovis police when something happens close to campus. 

“If the suspects coming toward or away from campus if going away, we have different response,” said James Watson of Fresno State Police.


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