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SWAT Training in Fresno

Law enforcement officers from around the state were in Fresno on Wednesday, taking part in SWAT training.
The FBI brought together 20 regional SWAT Teams to Fresno for training.

SWAT Teams from other cash strapped cities also showed up to take part and learn tips for life or death situations.

Teamwork, precision, and pinpoint accuracy were on display as officers from all over the state came to Fresno for multi agency training.

They were firing live rounds at targets like it was a game, but make no mistake, this game is deadly serious. "It is so critical for us to continue with training especially with some of the individuals were seeing out on the streets today," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Chief Dyer knows just how important exercises like these are. SWAT Teams were recently called into action when officers were threatened by gangs and SWAT sent just the right message. "They were very effective in terms of having an immediate presence so the gang members understand -- we meant business," said Dyer.

Visiting departments were grateful for the chance to take part in the specialized training. "It develops our teamwork and it develops the different tactics needed to handle situations like this," said one of the visiting officers. 

SWAT Teams came from as far away as Tracy in Northern California. Officers from the California Department of Corrections also took part.
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