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SPCA Horse Adoption Deal

Starting this month, the SPCA is making it more affordable to adopt a horse.
If you want to see what a second chance looks like a horse named Chicago is a pretty good start.

"There are just so many animals that need a loving home and we have one and would love to share it with
Chicago," said adoption candidate Neil Cooley.

Like countless others, he was on the brink of death before being rescued by the SPCA. Now Chicago has found owners in Neil and Deborah Cooley who already believe he is much more than just a horse.

"They are fur people, they're not animals you can just throw out and hope they survive," said Deborah Cooley.

Unfortunately the Cooley's and Chicago are the minority. In just the past month, multiple cases of starving horses have been documented in Fresno County alone and that makes creating space a top priority.

"We are hoping that now we can finally get these guys home and kind of shine some light on the ones we have had here for over a year," said Thalia Arenas with the Central Valley SPCA.

The SPCA hopes to adopt out healthy horses like
Chicago and starting this month they are offering free adoptions that come with 100 dollars worth of hay and complimentary trailer transport anywhere within 60 miles.  
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