Residents get to know Clovis Police and firefighters

Residents get to know Clovis Police and firefighters

Hundreds gathered Saturday evening for the annual Clovis Night Out
Hundreds gathered in a Clovis park Saturday evening for the third annual Clovis Night Out.

Police, fire fighters and emergency crews brought out their tools of the trade.

Kids and their parents got a rare opportunity to see how police and fire fighters protect them in case of an emergency.

"They just got to experience the bomb squad," said a parent.

Braden and his brother got to try on a bulletproof vest and carry the police shield.

"The things that protect you the shield it protects you from bullets and stuff," said Braden.

Emergency responders came together at Sierra Meadows Park.

"It's a community event designed to interact and network with our community in Clovis we find that when we do that we make progress in preventing crime and solving crimes," said CPL. Jim Munro from the Clovis Police Department.

This is the third year for the event.

Crime scene technicians taught visitors how to take fingerprints.

The bomb units robot demonstrated how it handles potential explosives and kids got a chance to try and drench an officer at the dunk tank.

"Oh its great it's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. There's actually a lot more stuff than I was expecting," said Danielle Cervantes.

Danielle Cervantes brought her family to the night out.

They went home a little safer.

"We are getting bike helmets from the police department so the kids are safe riding their bikes," said Danielle Cervantes.
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