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Recycling fire in Southwest Fresno

Fire crews have the fire under control at a recycling plant near Jensen and Elm.
Fresno Fire crews have a recycling plant fire under control.

The fire started Wednesday night at the paper recycling plant near Jensen and Elm in Southwest Fresno. 

The flames have been knocked down but as of the next morning, it was still smoldering in several areas.

Battalion Chief Chuck Tobias with the Fresno Fire Department said, "In order to extinguish this fire, they've got to bring out every one of those pallets by forklift or skip loader. Once they get it outside, and separate it from the unburned material, they've got to break open every pallet to get to the seed of the fire."

At this point, the smoke from the fire is not causing any problems for the neighboring area. 

No word what sparked the blaze.
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