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Preparing for wildfires: Exit strategies

Cal Fire urges you to be prepared this fire season.
Cal Fire said historically this is one of the driest seasons on record. It's not a
matter of if, but when a fire is going to strike.
If you live in Oklahoma you'd prepare for tornadoes, here in California it's all about fire preparedness.

Sandy Dew shows us how close the recent 60-acre fire in Yosemite Lakes Park came to her home. She's prepared to leave in a moments notice and she has a bag ready.

"Like photographs, jewelry...my husband's a musician so he has some real sentimental instruments and stuff," said Dew.

Cal Fire said remember to pack things like important documents, medication, eye glasses and phone numbers.  Also, have an exit strategy in place that has been practiced. Make sure all  family members know exactly where to meet up.

"If it's just a structure fire, not a wildfire, then your children need to know two ways out of each house, how to get out of there properly and alive," said Karen Guillemin with Cal Fire.

You also don't want to forget about your pets and setting aside emergency food and medical supplies.

Jack Valpey said he experienced a pretty bad fire around 12 years ago and has been prepared ever since.
In the end survival can come down to common sense and personal responsibility.

"It's your responsibility to step up and think about what I'm going to do when mother nature comes my way," said Guillemin.

Cal Fire wants to remind, if you see any suspicious or unusual activity in your area, you can call them to report it at 209-742-1926.
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