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Police Arrest Suspected Burglary Crew

These three people are accused of burglarizing numerous homes in northeast Fresno.
“I think it looks good.  There's a few things, but nothing that can't be repaired,” said Todd Yingling, an auto theft victim.

Friday afternoon, Todd Yingling looked over his Chevy pickup which now has splotches of fingerprint powder all over it.  The truck was stolen Wednesday from a construction site near Woodward Park in northeast Fresno.

“I had lost hope that I’d get it back, but it's really exciting,” said Yingling.

The thieves made a mess inside, took personal documents and raided his toolbox.

“They pretty much stole everything out of the toolbox that was of any value,” said Yingling.

It was around 1 a.m. Friday that members of the California Highway Patrol's auto theft team, known as HEAT, spotted Yingling's truck in the Von's shopping center at First and Nees.  Three people got inside and officers followed the truck for about a mile into a neighborhood near Millbrook and Cole.  Cops then moved in to arrest them.

“During the course of that stop, two of the occupants of the stolen truck had already exited prior to making the stop on the vehicle,” said Sgt. David Salcido of C.H.P.

Sergeant David Salcido says the only one inside was 19-year old Anna Rodriguez.  A homeowner alerted officers that her partners, 31-year old Peter Mullin and 24-year old Christopher Arreguin, had started to break into his home then ran away.

After searching for hours, police tracked down the men at their apartments which were filled with stolen items.

“This is a wrecking crew.  They’re bold, it's a danger to society and hopefully this is going to put a dent in what's going on in the north end of town,” said Sgt. Salcido.

Yingling is thankful that law enforcement never gave up on his case.

“It’s a good feeling to know they're out there doing a hard job and bringing things back to the people they belong to,” said Yingling.

Yingling and other victims were able to get a lot of their property back.  Police say the owners either marked it in a unique way or wrote down the serial numbers to it.  It's an important step officers encourage all of us to do.

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