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Pilot Light Causes Fresno House Fire

A pilot light caused a house fire in Fresno that resulted in an estimated $10,000 in damages
The pilot light from a water heater started a fire Saturday in southeast Fresno.

Fire fighters were called to a home on S. 10th near Cedar and Church around 1:30p.m.

The fire started in an extension that had been built on the home.

Investigators say gas cans and other items placed too close to the water heater's pilot light and ignited.

"We want to reiterate that people need to keep items 18 inches away from the pilot light of the water heater so nothing can ignite," says Kris Townsend from the Fresno Fire Department.

Everyone made it out of the home safely.

A quick response by fire fighters kept the flames from spreading to the home.

Damage is estimated at $10,000.
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