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Parolee Accused of Exposing Himself Released

He's been arrested dozens of times...accused of exposing himself.

A parole violator is released from jail again.

The Fresno County Jail confirms, Michael Wyatt is free.

He's been arrested dozens of times...accused of exposing himself.

CBS 47's Lemor Abrams has reaction from parents.

Parents left the Buchanan High Baseball game Wednesday night with renewed concern for the kids, hours after 36-old Michael Wyatt was released from jail...again.

“I’m definitely going to keep my eye out and let other parents know if a see him,” said Clovis Mom Lorelei Mendez.

Wyatt was arrested in March on the campus of Buchanan High.

According to jail records, he's been in and out of jail dozens of times, facing charges like exposing himself in public. But none have been enough to keep him in jail.

"Being a father of a young girl, you don't know who's watching...you don't know who's around you know,” said Clovis Father Alex Montez.

Prior to prison realignment, Wyatt would have been sent back to prison for violating his parole. 

“Something needs to be done about this; the guy keeps showing up and I’m wondering why does he keeps coming this way you know,” said Clovis Mom Tara Nardella.

Clovis parents have joined those leading the fight to change prison realignment. 

 “This is an issue that requires revisiting by our lawmakers,” said Lynne Brown with Advocates for Public Safety.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims supports a change in the law. 

“Many of these realigned inmates have very serious violent criminal histories. now there are issues with counties being responsible for these people when normally they would have gone onto state prison,” said Sheriff Mims.

Next week, state lawmakers are expected to review bills aimed at changing AB-109.

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