POW/MIA Soldiers Remembered

POW/MIA Soldiers Remembered

Prisoners of war and those who are missing in action were honored for their service and sacrifice on Saturday
Prisoners of war and those missing in action were remembered on Saturday.

They met at the Fresno Veterans Affairs Hospital for a ceremony.

The POW's and those who are MIA were honored for their service and their sacrifice.

There were seven former prisoners of war in attendance, including Rudy Giannoni whose plane was shot down over Germany in World War two.

He was held in a prison camp before he and thousands of other prisoners were moved.

"For three months we marched over 600 miles without food or water and when I got liberated I weighed about a hundred pounds," said R
udy Giannoni, veteran of World War two.

Organizers say there are still 88,000 American servicemen missing in action. 
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