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Officer Shoots Gang Member Near Fresno State

Students and police are on heightened alert near Fresno State.
Students and police are on heightened alert near Fresno State.


This after an officer shot a suspected gang member Sunday afternoon.


One suspect is hospitalized.


Another is still on the loose.


Police are familiar with the area, especially the apartments.

The apartment where the shooting happened Sunday generated over a hundred calls in the last year.

CBS 47’s Lemor Abrams rode along with police and has the story.


Life appears to be back to normal around Fresno State.

But Sunday afternoon an officer involved shooting came too close for comfort.


“I have friends that go to Fresno State they're scared to walk off campus because of the area or how it is,” said Jordan Litz


We met Officer Chadwick at the Northeast substation, and hit the trouble spots.


Apparently, low-income apartments near Fresno State.


“This area is popular hangout because, it is close to Fresno State. There's a lot of parties in the area; a lot of people hanging out,” said Chadwick.


One of the men shot by an undercover officer is wanted in connection with the shooting of a rival gang member in Southwest earlier this month.


And the search continues for another suspect.


“They were able to spot the vehicle used in that shooting at the apartment complex behind us,” said Police Chief Jerry Dyer.


But students learn how to adjust.


“I've never been a victim of it so I don’t think about it that much when going to class or doing my daily thing,” said Litz.


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