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New Suspicious Fires in Yosemite Angers Community

A new round of fires burns in the Yosemite Lakes Park area, for the fifth day in a row.

A new round of fires burns in the Yosemite Lakes Park area, for the fifth day in a row. One  of the fires off Highway 41 on Yosemite springs parkway has burned 60 acres.

CBS 47's Lemor Abrams joins us live with the latest on the fires.

Cal Fire says 16 fires have burned in Yosemite lakes park since Saturday.
There's been a few every day in the last few days.
And even firefighters can't keep track.

“Locals believe that somebody is setting them on purpose,” said Resident Nathaniel Ratley.

The string of fires started about a month ago. Sometimes 3 burn SIMULTANEOUSLY...
Most of them start off the road... And climb uphill toward homes.

That's what happened Wednesday afternoon.
Crews responded to this 5 acre fire just an hour before heading to a  60 acre fire.
Families stood around terrified all... over again.

After a week without a break- investigators maintain the fires are suspicious but cant reveal details of their investigation.

“The concentration of fires you're absolutely correct is not normal,” said Cal Fire’s Karen Guillemin.

Workers at the local cafe felt like its time to do their part.
Chef Chad Herring made sandwiches for Firefighters.

“These firefighters are doing everything they can to go out their and fight these fires and they're so close together they have no time to rest,” said Herring.

The Yosemite lakes community --and now tourists passing by-- are waiting for answers.

Town Hall Scheduled
They hope to get answers at a town hall Thursday at  6:30pm at the Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse.

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