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New Moms Cheer Royal Birth

New Mom Mia Bowers had a lot in common with the Dutchess of Cambridge Monday.
New local moms are cheering the royal baby announcement.

Expectant mothers at St. Agnes Medical Center in Fresno were following the news as they were in labor!

Ethan Bowers opened his eyes to a special day.

He was born 6 pounds 13 ounces at St. Agnes.

Hours before the Dutchess of Cambridge gave birth to the royal baby boy ... at eight pounds six ounces.

“Makes me feel kind of special….Not many people can say that,” said new mom Mia.

Mia and Rusty Bowers had an intimate celebration for their first baby boy in their delivery room.

While thousands descended on Buckingham Palace to cheer on the future king...

“We were keeping up with the story and my mom is actually the one who kept us updating us that she had gone into labor the same time that we had,” said Mia.

Mia gave birth a couple hours before the Dutchess.

And how's this for another coincidence...

Mia and her husband considered naming their bundle of joy George or James...

Those are the top two names rumored for the royal baby.

“I actually really liked James but he didn't,” said Mom.

“And actually George was grandfather's name...another on the list,” said Dad.

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