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Neglected animals recover at SPCA

Dozens of animals seized from a supposed rescue organization in Squaw Valley are showing signs of improvement. Investigators say the animals were found tied up, caged and left without access to food and water.
Forty-eight birds, nine dogs, two cats and a pot-bellied pig.  All 61 of them found to be doing a little better than the day before.

"It's amazing, you know their spirits.  They are so sweet even though some of them, particularly the dogs, it hurt them to stand up.  You could see that they were so depleted that their muscles, their legs they were very sore," said Beth Caffrey with the Central California SPCA.

Now, with enough energy, they stand to eat and drink.  Less than a week ago the animals were picked up at a supposed rescue organization in Squaw Valley.  Investigators said they found the animals in cages.  Some were tied to trees with little room to move, surrounded by filthy trash.  They believe there could be other properties just the same.

"The most important thing is to get that complete case so that they can actually hand that over to the DA's office and so that the DA can move forward with the prosecution and or arrest," said Caffrey.

The Castillo family visited the SPCA in Fresno to find a new family pet.  They know the choice to adopt will go a long way.

"I know that the money that we invest in the dog that we buy today is going to help the SPCA you know, so that's a good thing for them...and for us," said Rebecca Castillo.

A monetary donation will also help.  You can even designate it to the group of 61 animals rescued. It will help with testing and feed.

"These are animals that we don't normally have all the time, so those feeds are somewhat extrenuous for us," said Caffrey.

To make a donation, stop by SPCA in Fresno:
103 S. Hughes Ave. Fresno, CA 93706

Or call:
(559) 233-7722, Extension 107

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