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Murder suspect's criminal history

The Fresno Police Department says Sanchez had been arrested for minor crimes, but nothing led them to believe he would one day allegedly kill his own mother.
Woman Murdered in Madera
Woman Murdered in Madera

CBS47 has learned the names of the victim and suspect involved in what's being called a rare crime.  Fresno Police say 29-year-old Javier Sanchez shot and killed his mother, 62-year-old Sylvia Valencia.  It happened just before 1am Thursday at the home where both of them lived, on Arthur and McKinley.

Police are still trying to figure out what made Sanchez snap, allegedly shooting his mother to death.  Sgt. Dave Rames says Sanchez has been arrested several times for driving under the influence, obstruction of justice and having illegal fireworks.  But those crimes don't typically lead to murder.

"Javier Sanchez does not have a violent, extensive criminal history.  Usually in cases like this we anticipate seeing those types of things, but that's not the case here," said Ramos.

Police say Sanchez shot Valencia after an argument, then went to the nearby 7-11 on Palm and McKinley.  He apparently told people outside what happened, wondering if his mom survived.  Officers found Valencia dead inside the home.  Relatives declined to speak to CBS47, but neighbors are heartbroken for the family.

"That's what I feel bad about; that if something could have been done to help the person who did this before he killed his mom," said Mary Jane Girardo who lives across the street.

Late Thursday morning, a hazardous material cleaning crew removed mattresses that were stained with blood.  Folks who live nearby say crime here is rare.

This is the 24th murder in Fresno so far this year.  At this time last year, there were 33.

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