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More Yellow Fever Mosquitoes Found

Madera County says another group of Yellow Fever Mosquitoes has been discovered.
In the world of mosquitoes, the Aedes Aegypti, or yellow fever mosquito, is distinct. It needs very little water to reproduce and bites all day.

"The big concern is that this is an invasive mosquito and it isn't normally in this area, this is the first time it has been found in the valley," said Leonard Irby with the Madera County Mosquito and Vector Control District.

Irby says the insect was first discovered in Madera County last month and on Friday workers found it breeding in two more places, including a backyard in the Madera Ranchos area. Any standing water can potentially provide a breeding ground and Madera Ranchos resident Bob Herron says he feels an obligation to help control mosquito populations.

"Everybody should do their part to not have standing water on their property," said Herron.

According to city officials, the yellow fever mosquito can be identified by its unique white markings and unlike native mosquito species, it will bite all day and is a known carrier of yellow fever.
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