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Missing 14 Year-Old Sanger Girl Found in Mexico

A missing teenage girl from Sanger has been missing since April and was recently found in Mexico with her 1 year-old child
A happy ending to a strange missing persons case.

It involves a 14 year-old Sanger girl who disappeared back in April with her 11 month-old infant son.

She showed up in Mexico.

Police believe the infants father 21 year-old Steven Rodriguez took them to Mexico.

But thanks to the F.B.I. and the U.S. embassy in Mexico she's back home in the valley.

"She's 14 years old with a one year old child at this point, any 14 year old shouldn't be in another town let alone another country, Mexico. So it's very fortunate that we did get them both back in healthy condition and they're back home tonight with her mother," says Jaime Gaines from the Sanger Police Department.

Police say the child's father is on probation for various sex offenses with a minor.

The investigation is ongoing.
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