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Measure G Vote in Question

The Yes on G Campaign called into question the procedure for authenticating Measure G Votes Thursday, asking for a pause in the counting of ballots.
With the Fresno County Clerk looking on, the door to the ballot room reopened.

"I believe every legitimate vote should count and we have a process we are confident in," said Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth.

As election operations resumed, ballots rippled by, and Yes on G supporters took note, watching for signatures they say need a second look.

"We are asking for greater scrutiny to make sure that only valid ballots are counted. The clerk has taken a different stance and is counting ballots where the signature clearly do not match," said Tim Clark with The Yes on G Campaign.

In an effort to stop what they consider to be potentially fraudulent ballots from being counted, Yes on G is requesting a restraining order to pause the election. A step No on G supporters say sounds a lot like voter suppression.

"Looking specifically to target votes to take out of this election is not right and that is why our campaign is not participating in that kind of activity," said Dillon Savory with No on G.
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