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Madera murder suspect arrested

Investigators believe Esteven Rodriguez shot and killed Drakkar Lewis at a Madera fusion party in April.
An arrest has been made in a Madera County murder.

20-year-old Esteven Rodriguez of Madera was arrested over the weekend. 

Investigators believe Rodriguez shot and killed Drakkar Lewis to seek revenge for the shooting death of his friend, killed at the first fusion party in March. 

Weeks after 19-year-old Elezear Iriguez was shot and killed at that first party, investigators say Rodriguez got a tattoo on his arm with the victim's face. Rodriguez and Iriguez were friends and belonged to the same street gang. 

Two weeks later, 18-year-old Drakkar Lewis was attending another fusion party, put on by a few promoters at his grandfathers house who was out of town. 

That night, Rodriguez allegedly shot Drakkar Lewis point blank in the head while he sat in a car with his girlfriend. 

Erica Stuart with the Madera County Sheriff's Department said, "Drakkar Lewis who had hosted the first fusion party goes to the second one, and that's when Esteven shows up, sees Drakkar and shoots him in the head and the detectives seem to think it's probably out of revenge."

Fusion parties started last year in Madera Lakes. The are underground parties with lots of underage alcohol, drugs, and gang violence and are promoted on social media. 

No one got hurt until April when two those teens where killed in the same month. 

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson says the loud parties have stopped since the killings but say kids are out of school and they're concerned that parties will start up again. 
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