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Locals protest in support of Trayvon Martin

Groups from the Central Valley protested in front of the Federal Courthouse in Fresno.
Dozens of protestors against the verdict in the Zimmerman trial rallied together in front of the Federal Courthouse to make their voices heard.

"He walked out scot free and we don't think that's just," said one protestor.

Among the signs held by different groups were upside down flags.  One man even held a burned and tattered flag.

"We've had enough, that's why you turn it upside down to show that this nation's in distress," said protestor, Abe Gonzalez.

Some believe Trayvon Martin was racially profiled,but not all are are against Saturday's verdict.

"Everybody protests it and everything, but if they dont' like it they should change
the law," Barry Swederofsky.

This man says he's been following the trial and doesn't think prosecutors proved their case against Zimmerman.

"They didn't have anything on the guy, it was just self defense," said Raymond Rodriguez.

There can be no appeal or retrial...but there is talk of a civil lawsuit against Zimmerman.

CBS47's Legal analyst, Carl Faller says there wasn't much more that could have been done.

"The jurors made a conscientious decision based upon how they saw the evidence.  In the end, there's not much more you can ask of any Justice System Department, those are things that remain to be seen," said Faller.

No telling if or when, but we'll just have to wait and see if civil rights charges are pursued against Zimmerman.

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