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Local crews battle wildfires

So far, local county firefighters have battled at least five fires and city firefighters have responded to at least five as well.
Local CAL Fire crews are also helping to battle those fires in Southern California.
Local county firefighters have battled at least five fires and city firefighters have responded to at least five as well, but that could potentially leave our area vulnerable.
One grass fire in the city is out, but there's no time to let down their guard.
CAL Fire crews immediatley called into action in the county. This, after sending 16 firefighters to battle the infernos raging in Southern California.

"We sent 5 engines and a chief, each one of those engines has 3 people on it," said Captain Ryan Michaels with CAL Fire.

It's stretching precious local resources paper thin, but CAL Fire is flexible moving manpower up and down the state gearing up for what could be a very mean fire season in the Central Valley.

"We're gonna be hiring 37 new firefighters that will be coming on for peak fire season because of the amount of conditions and that's a about a month ahead of schedule," said Captain Michaels.

A eucalyptus tree fell on a power line causing a grass fire on Del Rey and Bullard Thursday afternoon in Fresno.  Local crews responded, another chapter in a red hot day.

The electricity from the power line energized the entire fence causing 3 acres to go up in smoke.

"If the wind would have been blowing harder, it could have been a lot worse,"said the owner of the property that caught fire, David Coan.
Coan said he appreciates the quick response time.

A grass fire on Dante and Browning had firefighters from the city of Fresno flying into action.
Fresno has never had to do so much with so little.  Only 69 firefighters on duty at any given time during the day.  The lowest number since the 50's.  They're up to the job and happy they lived to fight another day.

"Had lots of opportunity and potential to go the other way, so we're happy with this outcome," said Koby Johns with the Fresno Fire Department.

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