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LeBeau makes deal with Fresno prosecutors

Loren LeBeau entered a plea of 'No Contest" in the DUI related death of Donovan Maldonado.
Loren LeBeau entered a plea of 'No Contest" in the DUI related death of 7-year-old Donovan Maldonado.

The former Central High basketball coach was arrested for driving under the influence when he struck and killed Donovan who was riding his bike in the crosswalk with his family. 

The deal made with prosecutors means LeBeau could get 12 years behind bars.

LeBeau's attorney says ever since that tragic accident last year, his client has been extremely remorseful. 

This plea deal avoids what would have been a very emotional trial for the Maldonado family. 

Last summer, the Maldonado's were riding their bikes and jogging though a cross walk on Shepherd Avenue in Northeast Fresno. 

LeBeau hit Donovan, and his father and sister, who were on their bikes. LeBeau did not stop, dragging Donovan several hundred feet. 

LeBeau returned to the scene and admitted he was the driver. He was found to be driving under the influence.

LeBeau has agreed to serve 12 years in jail, and pay restitution of more than three quarters of a million dollars to pay for the family's medical bills.

The sentencing hearing is August 29th. 

Meanwhile, construction began this week in the area where the accident occurred last year. An tunnel will allow pedestrians and cyclists to go under Shepherd Avenue. The project will take about 2 months to complete.

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