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Identity Thieves Hit Mailboxes in Affluent Neighborhoods

Identity thieves strike again. This time, breaking heavy duty mailboxes in an affluent Fresno neighborhood.
Fresno's Old Fig Garden area is known for large trees and beautiful homes.

Most of them are gate-free.

But their mailboxes are bolted down or locked.

“We thought we were taking all the precautions by getting a locked mailbox,” said Leah Orlando. 

Leah Orlando's locked mailbox was broken while she and her husband where at work.

“They're actually targeting the locked mailboxes because they know that we feel like we're secure and so lets go ahead and have all our mail come here,” she said. 

Surveillance video caught a red truck drive up, and drive off...in less than fifteen seconds.

And thieves weren't done. 

Wayne Richardson showed up from work to find his mailbox was also hit.

“Mail was laying in the gutter. Mailbox was partway open, he said. 

He paid around a $1,000 for his heavy duty mailbox after his neighbors every day mailboxes were broken into.

“If we were gone for the weekend or something we wanted to make sure it was safe in the box,” he said. 

Just the other day, deputies arrested this pair after a high speed chase.

They found a pile of mail in their getaway car.

They’re not the same suspects seen in the surveillance video earlier. 

“They're out there stealing mail to get checks to get account numbers things like that and then they start the identity theft,” said Deputy Chris Curtice.

The string of thefts comes just weeks after deputies arrested a man suspected of setting off a series of pipe bombs in mailboxes...around the Fig Garden area.  

“It's just ongoing, it's a constant battle,” said Curtice.

One homeowner had enough.

He left a note for the mailman: "Mail goes to the front porch." 

The orlandos are going paperless.

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