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Hottest spot in Fresno County

Residents of Coalinga have the distinction of braving some of the hottest temperatures in the Valley.
Overall the Central Valley is hot, but there's one city that's even hotter.
CBS47's Claudia Rodarte went to Coalinga to see how locals are dealing with the extreme heat.

Bement's Auto Body knows all about working during prime heat hours.
He's been in business 52 years. He sets up fans across the shop and keeps hydrated.

"Working in a metal building, working on metal cars, so you know we just have to grin and bear it," said Tim Bement, owner of Bement's Auto Body.

The National Weather Service in Hanford said Coalinga tends to be the warmest city in Fresno County. During summertime, warm air gets trapped by surrounding hills and mountains.

Jaime Bonilla makes sure to pick up his dog and keep him cool.  Others in the area use umbrellas to block the scorching heat.  We found Dennis Osborne on his scooter just before noon, but he was on his way home to cool off.

"If I got anything to do in the morning, any shopping, that's in the morning," said Osborne.

Mayor, Ron Lander said the city does what it can by turning several city buildings into cooling centers. Mayor Lander says to keep power use at a minimum.

"There's a lot of people who don't have air conditioners, they don't have the means to cool their houses down so we make this available," said Mayor Lander.

The City of Coalinga is offering residents rides to the cooling centers for free.  The number to call for "Dial A Ride" is 559-935-1511.
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