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Homeowner kills suspected robber with sword

A homeowner carrying a sword killed one of two alleged robbers who burst in his home in Firebaugh carrying an axe and handgun.
It was a home invasion unlike any other.

"One of them was armed with a handgun the other was armed with an axe, the homeowner confronted one of the suspects with a sword and killed one of the suspects," said Lt. Kathy Curtice with the Fresno Sheriff’s Office.

According the Sheriff's Office, suspected home invader Aaron Baeza was dead by the time they arrived at this home in Firebaugh. Investigators say he and 30-year old Christopher Rupe broke into the home around 2:30 Saturday morning.

"I just woke up this morning, went outside and just saw the roads blocked off. And I thought it was just an ordinary drug bust," said neighbor John Escalante.

Neighbor John Escalante was surprised to hear someone had actually been killed and even more shocked when he learned it happened right next door.

"I see him once and a while he seems like a good guy but I hardly see him anymore," said Escalante.

Sheriff's Deputies are still searching for Rupe who was able to escape from the home. Investigators say he was last seen driving a dark green Ford F-150 and encourage any one with information to contact authorities.

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