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Homeowner arrested after self-defense shooting

Police say a fight broke out with gang members and the homeowner shot one in self-defense but it he was arrested for being a felon with a gun.
A Fresno homeowner is under arrest after defending himself and his family from several gang members. 

Police say a group of Bulldog gang members were seen on the side the man's house on Augusta, near Fashion Fair Mall.

Someone inside confronted them with a machete, and a fight broke out with one of the gang members holding a baseball bat.

The homeowner came out with a rifle and police say he opened fire, hitting one of the gang members.

Police say the shooting was in self-defense, but the homeowner is a felon and is not allowed to have a gun.

Lt. Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police Department said, The homeowner is a felon and was in possession of a rifle, of course, when he shot the bulldog gang member. So he will be arrested for that, but we're still developing information on whether or not anyone is going to be charged for the actual shooting."

The gunshot victim is recovering from his wound.

Three bulldog gang members were also taken into custody.
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