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Home Invasion Suspect is Stabbed by Victim

Fresno Police were called to the victim of a stabbing only to find that the victim was actually a suspect in a home invasion just a block away
A strange turn of events in central Fresno, police were called to a victim of a crime only to discover that victim is a suspect.

Officers were called to help a victim of a stabbing on Calaveras and McKenzie in central Fresno.

They were already in that neighborhood, a block away investigating a home invasion robbery where three men armed with a rifle broke into an apartment.

The victims stabbed one of those suspects. 

"Seven minutes after we got that call we got a call from here behind me, 250 N. Calaveras regarding a stabbing victim and it looks like that stabbing victim is going to be our suspect from a home invasion robbery over here on Glen," says Lt. Joe Gomez, Fresno Police.

The suspects in the home invasion were arrested.

Police say they had stolen a thousand dollars from the victims.

Investigators believe the victims and the suspects knew each other. 
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