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Home Burns During Busy Day For Firefighters

Thursday was another scorcher in the valley…and Fresno firefighters felt the heat in more ways than one.
Thursday was another scorcher in the valley…and Fresno fire fighters felt the heat in more ways than one.

They saved two homes from flames.

Another wasn't as lucky.

Flames ripped through a Fresno house in a matter of minutes, and after twenty years of living in it, Gary Jones wasn't ready to let it go down without a fight. 

“I was out back on the phone with 911 and had a water house in my hand like it was gonna do any good,” said Gary.

Jones was making coffee at around seven am when the microwave and refrigerator crackled.  

Before he knew it the kitchen...then the rest of the house were engulfed in flames.

His 87-year old dad was asleep in his bedroom, but woke up in time to crawl out. 

“When he opened the door it hit him in the face, singed his hair, singed his eyebrows,” he said.

Firefighters battled flames for about an hour. 

And later that afternoon...as cleanup began at the house; crews were dispatched again to a grassfire in Downtown Fresno. 

As homeowners used their own water hoses to spray down hotspots, firefighters battled both flames and the elements.

“After a hot day people are going to come out--so this is the summer in Fresno,” said Fresno Fire Spokesman Koby Johns. 

Fresno Fire even had extra help from a forest crew on the way to a fire in the sierra. 

“They were on the 41 and stopped offered to help and we were glad to take their help for a little bit,” said Johns.

As Gary found out...they save lives and precious memories.

He says, before leaving, a firefighter handed him a binder.

“It was a binder that my mom made for all of us kids the year before she died. And so for them to hand me that it was a big deal so there are some bright spots,” said Gary.



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