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High Speed Rail May Force the Closure of Angelo's Drive-in

Since 1954 people have gone to Angelo's drive-in but now it may be forced to close because it is right in the path of the planned high speed rail path
High speed rail may force the closure of a Fresno institution.

Since 1954 generations have come to Angelo's Drive-in for hamburgers and hot dogs but the historic restaurant on Olive avenue is in the path of the planned high speed rail project.

The owners are hoping to get a fair price for their property.

The initial offer from the high speed rail authority was about $120,000 which is well below what it would cost them to move their business.

"To lose this location it is impossible to move anywhere because the money they offer us is so low," says Ken Cava, co-owner of the drive-in.

The owners say the deadline they were given to accept the offer is as early as September but for now food will continue to be served at the drive-in as usual.
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