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Gunbattle in Fresno Apartment Complex

A victim showed up later at the hospital; police are still looking for the shooters.
Bullets fly at a Fresno apartment complex, but the shooting remains a mystery.

police haven't found the victim...or suspects. 

It happened just after five o'clock at the Westwood Village apartments off Valentine and Shields in Central Fresno.

CBS 47's Lemor Abrams is live at Fresno Police Headquarters with the latest on the investigation.

Crime scene tape extended from one apartment home to another at the Westwood Village Apartments...as investigators found evidence pointing to a gun battle in broad daylight.

A group of men firing at another group of men.

And neighbors who didn’t want to show their faces saw it all.

“All we heard was just multiple gun shots going off. it was like four or five and then it stopped and then about four or five more,” said a neighbor

There was a trail of blood on someone's front porch.

And gun shell casings on another driveway.

Then…a truck riddled with bullets,

But police say, the person shot was nowhere around. 

“I didn't see anybody get shot,” said the neighbors.

Others saw a couple cars drive off in opposite directions, and a guy jump a fence.

“It’s very scary to know they haven't found him or who he is. He could be back,”  said another neighbor.

Police say it's possibly a gang related shooting, but an uncommon one.

“Especially in the daytime, a gun battle like this... with several people out with guns, is uncommon,” said Lt. Joe Gomez.

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