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Frog protection worries Valley residents

People living in the Fresno County foothills are worried they'll lose access to two million acres of land because of endangered frogs and toads.
(Dan Ruben Reporting)

Residents in Prather are concerned, after a federal order could take away two million acres of land.

The order is to protect an endangered species of frogs.

Fresno County Sheriff Margret Mims helped organize a town hall meeting in Prather on Wednesday to allow people an opportunity to take action. 

All over the Central Valley, people are worried their way of life is getting taken away. 

Many of them feel, the federal government is more interested in serving frogs than people..

Scientists offer a variety of reasons to why the yellow-legged frog and Yosemite toad are in steep decline. 

Federal officials say the order only affects those seeking permits, licenses or funding, which means people are still allowed on protected land.

People from 14 different California counties are worried they will lose it all if they don't stand up now.

Sheriff Mims has been rallying other local officials to put an end to the federal government's plans. "I'm here to join these citizens to say that it's our land, it's our property, we need to be informed, we need to make the decisions that relate to our own land...  What can we do to save the economy of Fresno County, when we've taken such big hits already? What can we do to exert our own local control over our own lands?" said Mims.

Concerned residents have until June 24th to file a formal appeal to the federal plans.
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