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Fresno woman dies in limo fire

Relatives say 31-Year old Neriza Fojas of Fresno was one of five to die when their limo caught fire Saturday.
It was a scene nearly beyond comprehension.

"I was like oh my god, there's one car, maybe there's people there, that's the first thing I thought," said witness Roxana Guzman.

Guzman shot this cell phone video believing everyone had made it out of the limousine shown here engulfed in flames but unfortunately she was wrong.

"It appears that they were trapped inside and not able to get out," said Art Montiel with the Foster City Police Department.

Police say five women died when they became trapped inside the burning limo on the
San Mateo Bridge. The group was headed to a bridal shower when the fire broke out and among the dead according to relatives is the bride, 31-year old Neriza Fojas of Fresno. Relatives say she was a registered nurse at Community Regional Medical Center here in Fresno.

The hospital released this statement:

"Community medical center’s has learned one or more of our community family may have been involved in a limo fire accident in the San Francisco area. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these employees' family members"

The cause of the fire, which police say erupted in the rear of the limousine, is still under investigation. Four other women in the car and the driver were able to escape. According to our CBS affiliate in
San Francisco, all four of the women remain hospitalized with two in critical condition.
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