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Fresno responds to FPOA concession offer

City manager Mark Scott says the $8 million dollar offer isn't worth an 18 month contract extension.

There's an $8.3 million dollar offer on the table at Fresno City Hall.  The Fresno Police Officers Association proposed concessions to the Fresno City Council on Thursday.  In exchange, it wants to extend its contract by 18 months.  City manager Mark Scott says he's against the proposal, saying extending the contract is not worth the money.

FPOA literally presented a giant check to the city council.  It was surprise concession proposal, apparently to help out with the city's financial crisis.

"That's hard dollars that's coming out of my members pockets.  That's money they could be spending on their families," said Jacky Parks, FPOA President.

Members voted to give up uniform allowances for several years, reduce sick and holiday time accural and eliminate a wellness program payout.  In return, it wants an additional 18 months added to its contract, originally set to expire in 2015.  Councilmember Clint Olivier says he's interested.

"Their willingness to come forward like this should be applauded.  Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and take a look and see if we can come to an agreement," said Olivier.

But only hours after first seeing the proposal, Scott says he will not recommend the council accept the offer.

"It's anything but a fix.  It's simply delaying the day the city really solves its problems," said Scott.

He says solving the city's financial problems means renegotiating contracts to cut the expensive pensions, medical plans and cost of living adjustments.  He'd rather pass on $8 million now to save an undetermined amount after FPOA's contract expires.

FPOA wants the city council to make a decision as soon as possible, but the city doesn't have a timeline of when it could vote.

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